Dear Helpers of the Alexandrian Women

Hi, I am the grand daughter of Sofia Leonardo.

Anton Trstenjak contacted your office this morning and the lady he spoke with suggested we send an email with all the details we have so far.

I have attached photos of my grandmother also.

I live in Australia and have visited Log pod Mangartom to find out some history on my grandmother. All of the relatives we know have now passed away and we have no details other than the following:

Sofia was born to Giovanni Leonardo (his parents were Antonio Leonardo and Maria Kovac) and Sofia’s mother was Anna Kastner (her parents were Simon Kastner and Catherine Lag);
Sofia was born 3 March 1895 (we think);
Sofia was orphaned (date unknown) we believe when she lived in Bretto di Sotto now Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia; and
Sofia Leonardo married Albert Nacamuli in Egypt on 30 July 1928.

I can be reached on email and +61-414-390-810.

Regards and thank you for helping
Deidre Robilliard

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