Poizvedba namenjena g. Zornu

For the attention of Mr. Peter Zorn, Writer.

Dear Mr. Zorn, My name is Gladys Soler and I was born in Egypt on 30/11/ 1940, my mother Renèe Bertuccini was born in Alexandria, Egypt in March 1921, my grandmother Fanny Sulic was born in a small town called Prvacina near Gorizia before moving with her family to Egypt in early 1900 (we have no information as to the date). She must have been a very young girl or even a child at the time and had a sister by the name of Mena who was ten years her senior also born in Egypt. My grandmother married Joseph Bertuccini (of Italian nationality) and had four children: Fredy the eldest, Mena, Albert and Renèe. I have a cousin in Switzerland whose name is Madelaine and whose mother, Ernesta Sulic, I have always been told was my mother’s first cousin. When we left Libya in 1970 my parets and my family settled in Rome where we still live. We had constant correspondence with my Aunt Ernesta and even exchanged visits in Switzerland or Rome. Unfortunately we never investigated at length the origins of the Sulic family. As my mother is no longer with us my daughters and I would very much like to have more information about the family. I am in touch through Internet with my cousin Madelaine Winkler and she told me that with your help she was able to have precious information regarding her family. All I have are vague memories of things my mother used to tell us about her family and their life in Egypt. My mother married Edward Fenech Soler of Maltese descent in Egypt around 1937. In 1944 my father was transferred to Tripoli, Libya and my mother and I joined him there shortly after. I have lived my childhood in Tripoli and only once travelled to Egypt in 1947 for a month to visit my grandmother and other family members but remember very little. My grandmother lived in Sporting not far from the Alexandria sea front. My E-mail address is: I have heard that you have written a very interesting book on the emigraion of women from Prvacina to Egypt but that there is no translation in English. Should it ever be translated I would be interested to buy it. I would be very grateful for any information you could let me have about the Sulic family. Best regards. Gladys Soler

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